I love when God reminds me of His gifts. I had written my previous post this morning and then went to hang my sheets outside on the line. I never got to do that in Sheboygan! Our trees were too far apart or too far from the porch and it just never worked. But here in our tiny little yard, the clothesline exactly reaches from the back porch pillar to the fence. And I love, love, love the fresh scent of line-dried clothes and sheets. What a gift to get to do this every week. Thank You, Lord, for tiny yards and fresh air and sunshine that dries my sheets!๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿงบโ˜€๏ธ๐Ÿ™Œ

#findingbeautyintheordinary #somewhereinSanAntonio #thisismystory #writeitout #perspective #Godsgoodness #givingthanks #agoodgoodFather


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